Where Can You Buy Hand Punch Embroidery Supplies?


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Hand punch embroidery supplies are available online at PunchNeedleMarketplace.com, Joann.com, Embroidery.com and eBay. The first site is a specialty shop dedicated to hand punch embroidery supplies, while Joann.com and Embroidery.com are general fabric and craft stores.

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As a specialty shop, PunchNeedleMarketplace.com carries a wide selection of hand punch embroidery supplies. Its offerings include the major supplies such as punch needles, fabrics, hoops, frames and threaders, as well as accessories such as hand grips and extenders, hoop holders, spoolers and fluff brushes. Full kits, patterns, transfer paper, books and kits are also available. In addition, the site includes helpful resources on doing hand punching embroidery, ranging from choosing needles and thread to outlining designs, making appliques and other ideas for hand punch stitchery.

Joann.com's offerings are more limited, but it offers both basic supplies and punch needle embroidery kits. The kits, which include printed fabric, thread and instructions, are ideal for new enthusiasts just starting on the hobby. Embroidery.com offers more general hand stitching supplies, which make it a good source for basic supplies, organizers and embellishment items such as buttons and beads.

EBay also has a good selection of needles, thread, patterns and kits for hand punch embroidery enthusiasts. Helpfully, the site has a guide for buying punch needle items that briefly discusses each of the necessary supplies and explains how to find them on eBay.

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