Where Can You Buy FurReal Friends?


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Target and Toy’s R Us both offer FurReal Friends for purchase. As of 2015, both stores offer FurReal Friends on its websites and retail stores. Certain FurReal Friends are only available for purchase online. When purchasing online, a customer can choose to have the item shipped home or to a local store. Some FurReal Friends are also available at a discounted price.

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Hasbro.com provides links to other online websites and retail stores that sell FurReal Friends. Wal-Mart and Kmart are some other the other retail stores included. An approximate retail price is also provided for each toy, along with a product description. The website also provides other features, such as FurReal Friends videos and games. FurReal Friends coloring pages are also downloadable from the website.

Created in 2002, FurReal Friends are robotic toy pets that range from dogs to monkeys. Some of these toys are considered an alternative to having real pets for children. FurReal Friends have robotic movements that replicate the behavior of a certain animal. All the animal toys move in some way and are available in several sizes. Some FurReal Friends are small enough for a child to hold or big enough to be ridden by a child.

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