Where Can You Buy Fingerpaint for Children?


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Children's fingerpaint can be purchased from established online retailers and brick-and-mortar craft specialty stores. Fingerpainting is a term used primarily to refer to a form of craft for kids that uses washable and nontoxic paints as a medium. Fingerpainting is believed to be beneficial and aids in the development of the fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination in toddlers and young children.

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As a form of art education, Ruth Faison Shaw is credited with developing the concept of fingerpainting. Shaw, who was an American educator, also patented a form of nontoxic paint in 1931. While the techniques that she developed in Italy were initially designed for children, she further developed fingerpainting as a form of therapy with the help of psychologist John Thomas Payne.

Fingerpaints can be purchased individually according to color, or may also be purchased in sets of six colors. To ensure the safety of toddlers and young children, some childcare facilities in the United States use edible fingerpaint. For the budget and safety conscious, washable and edible fingerpaints can also be made at home using cornstarch, salt, sugar and water as a base, and food coloring for the different shades of color.

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