Where Can I Buy a Deactivated Lee-Enfield Rifle?


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The most reliable resources for buying deactivated military surplus, including the British Lee-Enfield .303, are licensed and reputable firearms dealers. Many dealers either have equipment on-hand or are able to broker deals for a variety of firearms, including demilitarized weapons.

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In the United States, owning a military grade firearm is often difficult, but given its bolt action and small magazine, laws restricting the type and nature of firearms that a private citizen can own do not apply to the Lee-Enfield rifle. Many are available online through open auction sites, some for reasonable prices.

Most of those being sold as Lee-Enfield rifles have had some modifications or repairs made to them. However, individual states may restrict shipping options, making it necessary to have a relationship with a local firearm dealer who is licensed to receive these packages. This allows buyers to have their purchases shipped to a licensed location where they can be picked up. There is some level of convenience afforded by this process as well, which gives a buyer the opportunity to have a newly purchased firearm immediately inspected by a qualified individual. Any damage that may have occurred during shipping can then also be repaired at the same location.

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