Where Can You Buy Collection Boxes?


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Several online retailers specialize in the construction and sale of charity-style collection boxes, such as My Charity Boxes. Other companies like ECL Plastics in the United Kingdom makes an assortment of different plastic products, including collection boxes. Collection boxes are also available at larger retailers like Amazon and Home Depot.

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Collection boxes are a style of boxes that are used to collect items without giving unauthorized access to the collected items. For example, United States Postal Service mailboxes are a type of collection box, which allows individuals to drop mail into them for delivery, while allowing only USPS employees access to the mail. Another common type of collection box is a charity-style collection box, which usually has an opening small enough to allow bills and coins to be deposited but not taken out.

Collection boxes are typically constructed of sturdy plastic or metal that cannot be easily broken open. As with the design, the materials used to build collection boxes provide protection to the deposited or collected content. Clear plastic is often used for charity-style collection boxes to allow potential donors to see the previous donations and be compelled to give money as well. Larger collection boxes like parcel drops or mail boxes are typically made from durable metal.

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