Where Can I Buy a Cheap Wii?


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Online or local retailers are two good options that exist to buy a cheap Nintendo Wii. You can purchase a used Wii online through eBay or Amazon. You can also purchase a refurbished Wii directly through Nintendo at a discounted price. Likewise, local retailers may hold affordable Wii systems.

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Nintendo provides a detailed list of licensed retailers that not only sell the company's Wii systems but their replacement parts as well, such as adapters and controllers. EBay offers used Wii systems through their bid, auction and buy-it-now options from local and worldwide sellers. However, you must use caution in purchasing these items. Some are likely to be sold as spare parts rather than a system as a whole. You also have to make sure that the item you are purchasing is being sold by a trusted and highly regarded seller. Through Amazon you can purchase a used or refurbished Wii system directly from Nintendo, as well as other retailers and sellers. In regard to purchasing locally, there are plenty of local gaming stores that have purchased used Wii systems for a trade-in price. They are required to analyze and test those systems to see if they are in a stable condition to sell.

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