How Can I Buy the Amazing Amy and Amazing Ally Dolls?


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Online doll stores and auction sites are the best and most convenient resources for buying Amazing Amy and Amazing Ally dolls and their large number of accessories. The huge popularity of these interactive dolls from the late 1990s has resulted in a growing secondary market for buyers and sellers.

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Amazing Amy and Amazing Ally, made by Playmate Toys, Inc., took the doll world by storm due to their sophisticated, fully-functioning time-keeping computers and Adventure Ware accessory packs that could enhance their computer's memory capacity. As a result, the dolls can remember birthdays, nap times and all types of special occasions. Ally's mouth moves due to state-of-the-art animatronics, and both dolls have special sensors that allow them to identify their own accessories, such as shoes, clothes and barrettes.

Since the dolls are no longer in production, the secondary market for them has boomed. Through secondary retailers, buyers can find the dolls and their wide variety of add-ons, including clothing, tea sets and the Adventure Ware computer memory packs.

Sites such as eBay and numerous online doll retailers offer the dolls for sale, and the prices vary widely depending on the doll's condition. They might also be available at local thrift stores or consignment shops.

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