Where Can You Buy an Allen Organ?


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New Allen organs can be bought from the Allen organ website or from one of their dealer locations throughout the United States, while used Allen organs can be bought in select second-hand music stores or on online auction sites such as eBay. Most Allen organs require professional installation.

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The Allen Organ Company is located in Macungie, Pennsylvania, but has branches throughout the United States. The company sells wholly digital or hybrid digital-pipe organs to both private and commercial buyers. The company has a couple different lines of organs, such as organs specified for chapel and church use and organs designed for theaters. The company started in 1937 when Jerome Markowitz started making custom organs. In 1971, Allen Organ Company began selling digital organs, which marked the first time in which a completely digital musical instrument became available to the public market.

Stock digital organs can be bought and shipped easily from the Allen Organ Company website. However, digital-pipe organs require a lot of specification for both the player and the space that they are going to be played in. Buyers of high-end Allen organs get to customize the organ's effects and layout, and a representative from the company helps the buyer to design how the organ will work and where the pipes and organ will be installed.

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