How Can I Build a Pyramid for a School Project?

can-build-pyramid-school-project Credit: Debbie Hallsworth/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Build a pyramid for a school project by cutting and gluing cardboard together, and sprinkle sand on top of the model. This project takes less than an hour and requires cardboard, sand, glue, tape, a spoon, a pencil and a ruler.

  1. Draw out the pyramid sides

    Using the ruler and the pencil, draw four triangles on the cardboard. Make sure that all sides of the triangles are equal in size and that the triangles are identical. This ensures that the pieces fit together well without any gaps.

  2. Cut out the sides

    Use the scissors to cut the triangles out of the cardboard.

  3. Assemble the pyramid

    Place one triangle flat on the work surface with a second triangle flush against it. Tape the two edges together. Place a third triangle against another side of the first triangle, and tape the two edges together. Repeat this process for the third triangle. Then, keeping the first triangle flat, bend the three triangles up at the taped seams. The points of all three triangles need to touch at the top. Tape the touching sides together.

  4. Add the sand

    Cover the pyramid in glue that dries clear. Sprinkle sand generously over the wet glue. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly.