How Can You Build Your Own Creature?


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Paper mache can be used to create large or small creatures of any shape. To create a creature with paper mache, first draw a picture of the creature you would like on paper, and add the necessary details. After the creature is designed, make a base form and cover it with paper mache, then paint and decorate.

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To create the base form, find a suitable item that is the size you would like your creature to be. For small creatures, toilet paper tubes or empty juice cans will work. Use an inflated balloon for a basic round shape and add details with layers of masking tape until you achieve the desired shape. Use newspapers to make arms, legs and tentacles and affix them to the body of the creature with masking tape.

Next, mix water and flour together to make the paper mache paste. The paste works as a glue to attach layers of newspaper to the creature. Adding a tablespoon of salt to the paste mixture helps prevent mold.

Cut several newspapers into strips and dip them, one strip at a time, into the paste before applying to the form of the creature. Smooth the paper out across the form so there are no lumps. Cover the entire creature in a layer of newspaper strips and allow it to dry before adding another layer. Several layers are necessary to ensure the monster will not fall apart.

Once you have added sufficient layers and the project is completely dry, you can paint it and glue on additional features such as feathers or googly eyes.

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