How Can You Bronze Shoes?


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Bronze shoes by placing them in a vat of liquefied metal and baking them at a high temperature. This can take several hours to complete depending on how thick you want the coating to be. You need a do-it-yourself bronzing kit, an oven and some shoes.

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  1. Decide what finish you want

    Before purchasing a bronzing kit, decide what kind of finish you want for your shoes. Although the process is called bronzing, there are many types of finishes, including porcelain, gold, silver and pewter.

  2. Prepare the vat of liquefied metal

    By following the instructions that come with your bronzing kit, prepare the vat of liquefied metal. This includes melting the finish you plan on using.

  3. Prepare the shoes

    Once the finish is prepared, attach your shoes to the wire provided. This allows you to dip the shoes without exposing yourself to the liquefied metal.

  4. Dip the shoes

    Dip the shoes into the bronzing solution.

  5. Bake the shoes

    After dipping the shoes, bake them at the temperature and for the length of time suggested in the instructions for the bronzing kit.

  6. Dip and bake the shoes again

    Repeat the dipping and baking process several times until the shoes have a thick coating.

  7. Polish the shoes

    After the bronze on the shoes has been baked to a good hardness, polish the shoes using the provided polish. This helps to preserve the bronze.

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