How Can You Find a Breyer Horse Pricing Guide?


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The value of Breyer Horse models depends on the age, rarity, condition, variation and supply and demand. As of 2015, there are no set price guides for Breyer Horse models and prices depend on the various factors previously mentioned.

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As no set price guide exists for Breyer Horse models, the condition, age and rarity of the model is most important in determining a price. The age and rarity of a model is a good place to start. Older models are typically worth more than newer, and models made for only one year are going to be more rare than models made for several years. For example, a popular model called the Bay Fighting Stallion has a number of models in circulation, so even in mint condition, it usually garners about $30. On the other hand, Breyerfest Volunteer Models usually only have 150 or so models produced and may sell for up to $600.

Using a site such as Identify Your Breyer helps you find all the pertinent information about your model to determine a price. Another factor that can affect any model is color variation. Breyer Horse models are all hand painted, so it is entirely possible for colors to vary. An example is the Fighting Stallion Cloud, which can have variations such as gray hooves or pink hooves or extra chestnut color on a mostly white body.

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