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Find brain busters with answers in the Forbes online article titled "10 Brainteasers to Test Your Mental Sharpness." One brain buster asks which word in the English language is always spelled incorrectly. The article supplies the word "incorrectly" as the answer. Other resources for brain busters with answers include BrainDen.com and the Rosetta Stone Fit Brains Blog.

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BrainDen.com supplies logic riddles and answers, including categories such as Batman, Oldie But a Goodie, The Riddle of the Sphinx, Sticky Riddles and Tasty Riddles. Other categories include Bankrupt, Fingers Crossed, Heavy Riddle and Hero, among many others.

Forbes supplies brain busters that make brain idiosyncrasies apparent, such as the brain's strong desire to make connections and patterns, even when there are none. The Forbes brain busters also play with language, forcing the reader to interpret the meaning of each word in a sentence instead of the sentence as a whole.

The Rosetta Stone Fit Brains Blog posts brain busters to social media accounts on Tuesdays and Fridays, as well as posts them to the blog itself. Some brain busters are meant to be solved in groups, and some are singular activities. All of the brain busters on the blog supply answers as well.

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