Where Can You Find Boys' Games?

Boys can find online games on arcade websites such as Fog.com and Freeonlinegames.name. Some of the games on these websites include “Undead End” and “Arrows and Horns.”

In “Undead End,” players take control of a man who is fighting hordes of zombies. This game is a side-scrolling beat-em-up and requires players to use a keyboard. Players move the character with the arrow keys, fire a gun with the Z key, melee attack with the X key and jump with the space bar. The A key lets them pick up items and open doors.

Gamers should also explore the environment for new items that they can use to upgrade their weapons. If they die, they have the option to restart from the beginning of a section or to return to the main title screen.

In “Arrows and Horns,” players have to shoot deer with a bow and arrow. Each stage requires the player to bounce the arrow off of walls to reach the target. Star rankings are based on how long it takes them to shoot the deer and how many arrows they have to fire. In the bottom right-hand corner, they can see how many arrows they have as well as their current star ranking.