How Can You Boost the Worth of a Lladro Figurine?

The best ways to ensure the full value of a Lladro porcelain figurine are to keep the box the figurine came in and to let time elapse. The older a particular Lladro figurine is, the more money it is worth compared to newer versions of the same figurine.

Since the three Lladro brothers began production in 1958, Lladro porcelain figurines have become coveted collector's items that increase in value as time passes. The Lladro website has a historical catalogue where owners can learn specifics about their particular figurine.

While most Lladro figurines do appreciate over time, like any other market, the price of these figurines is subject to supply and demand. Rare pieces are going to be worth more than common ones. Complete sets are worth more than individual figurines, and it may be wise not to break up a completed set to sell just a couple of pieces. Sometimes it is best to be patient and wait for the right buyer. specializes in the resale of Lladro figurines. On this site, users can get information such as name and number of the figurine plus information such as name of the sculptor and original release date. Most importantly, this website provides information on original sale price and current value.