Where Can You Find a Blood Pressure Scale Chart Online?


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The official Mayo Clinic and American Heart Association websites both provide online examples of a blood pressure scale chart. The Mayo Clinic describes what a healthy blood pressure should be, as well as the different stages of hypertension.

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Where Can You Find a Blood Pressure Scale Chart Online?
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The Mayo Clinic website, located at MayoClinic.org, also provides users with suggestions as to what to do if blood pressure reaches a certain point on the blood pressure scale. It also explains that children, teenagers and those over the age of 60 may have a different blood pressure scale that is used to determine hypertension.

The American Heart Association website, located at Heart.org, explains the difference between the top number, systolic, and the bottom number, diastolic, in a blood pressure reading. The systolic number measures the pressure in the arteries when the heart beats, whereas the diastolic number measures artery pressure between heart beats. It also describes the purpose of blood pressure and how high blood pressure is officially diagnosed. The blood pressure chart provides detail about normal ranges, prehypertension, stages 1 and 2 of high blood pressure and when there may be a hypertensive crisis that requires emergency medical care. In addition, the American Heart Association provides users with an interactive high blood pressure guide, videos to learn more about the importance of normal blood pressure and information about treatment options.

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