How Can I Become Famous in "Sims Superstar?"

To become famous, you have to start a Sim on the Fame career track and have him find and interact with Fame Objects to raise his level. There are 10 Fame rankings to progress through.

  1. Begin the Fame career track

    Any Sim can begin this career, but having high levels in charisma, creativity and body may help. Start the career by finding an agent using the Studio Town tabloid. The Fame track is subdivided into three specialties: acting, singing and modeling. Choosing one sets your Sim on a path to collect related Fame Objects in order to progress.

  2. Interact with Fame Objects

    Once you have an agent, studios for the three Fame class specialties open up in Studio Town. When you visit one, it prompts you to choose a style, such as a category of music or type of acting role. Then, you play a minigame in which you must create a three-word sequence that pleases the studio director. Figuring out what he likes requires watching his reaction as you perform. Successful gigs grant you fame and money.

  3. Progress through the fame levels

    There are 10 overall fame levels that are represented by five stars. You move through them in half-star increments from zero, a nobody, to five, a superstar. Aside from successfully completing gigs, once you are famous, you must also hobnob with equally famous friends and keep fans happy by interacting with them to maintain your Fame level.