How can you beat level 70 on Candy Crush?


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In Candy Crush level 70, focus on leaving the liquorice crosses in the right-hand column intact for as long as possible in order to prevent the chocolate from spreading. Create as many horizontal striped sandies and special candy combinations as possible to clear the jelly.

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Try to leave the liquorice in place as long as possible to prevent chocolate from filling the right-hand column. To increase your chances of success in this level, aim to remove all of the chocolate before destroying the liquorice.

Early in the level, try to make as many matches as possible above the liquorice in the right-hand column, in order to clear that jelly. In the left-hand column, try to create special candies. Horizontal striped candies can clear chocolate or jelly in the right-hand column.

Special candy combinations are extremely useful in level 70. Striped candy and wrapped candy combos will clear three rows of candies, so a well-placed striped-and-wrapped candy combination can clear all of the chocolate at once, preventing it from spreading. Striped candy and color bomb combinations can also clear a large section of the right-hand column.

Be strategic when choosing which column to make matches in. Spaces cleared in the right-hand column will be filled with candies from the left-hand column. Before you make matches in the right-hand column, look for opportunities to create special candies in the left-hand column. Moving these special candies into the right-hand column will help you clear the jelly more efficiently.

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