Where Can You Find Beanie Boo Coloring Pages?

Ty posts free coloring pages of its Beanie Boos on its official website, Ty.com, as of 2015. Once on the site, click on the Ty Art Gallery option to access the coloring pages, select the one you want and print it. Ty also posts its Beanie Boo Coloring pages on its official Facebook account, but it does not change the coloring pages often. You do not need to log into a Facebook account to access them.

Each official Beanie Boo coloring page features the image of one Beanie Boo character on it and the name of that character printed at the bottom of the page. The letters are outlined in black, allowing kids to color them in. The images of the Beanie Boos typically show them facing forward in a sitting position. Legless characters, such as dolphins, are shown from the side to provide a better view of their bodies.

Beanie Boo coloring pages have a blank background to help accentuate the Beanie Boo character, which fills the majority of the page. Each Beanie Boo's pupils are already colored black. The coloring pages do not come with any markers to indicate what color kids should choose to color in the different parts, allowing them to create any color combinations they want.