Can Banjo Lessons Be Found Online for Free?

Find free banjo lessons online at sites such as, and All of these sites offer a variety of banjo lessons and instructional videos for players of different skill levels.

Banjo player and teacher Bradley Laird offers a series of beginner lessons for free on his website. A banjo teacher since 1982, Laird offers lessons originally intended for private students. The site offers a series of written lessons featuring images and videos arranged in a sequence that takes students from fundamentals to more advanced techniques. The site includes lessons on the parts of the instrument, finger positions, tuning and how to read banjo tablature. It also features video instructions for playing specific songs. offers lessons for beginners and more advanced players. Using the site’s collection of videos, students can learn basic techniques and introductory exercises along with more advanced practices such as improvising, slides, playing backup and alternate tunings. The site also features an interactive lesson plan that suggests a logical lesson order for students to follow, along with specific exercises to build technique. offers a series of lessons for beginning, intermediate and advanced players. Banjo novices can learn about buying a banjo, tuning, fingerpicking and basic tablature. Intermediate students can learn more complex techniques and get suggestions for how to improve skills, while advanced players can browse the site’s collection of essential bluegrass banjo solos.