How Can You Get Baby Themed Bingo Cards?

How Can You Get Baby Themed Bingo Cards? provides links to free downloadable baby themed bingo cards that users can print at home with a color printer. Creative Converting also sells a number of professionally made bingo cards in a variety of styles and colors.

Baby gift themed bingo games are popular at baby showers. Guests can play using traditional rules by filling in numbers and letters or baby shower bingo rules, in which guests fill in squares with their predictions of the gifts the expecting parents will receive. As the parents open the gifts, the guests cross out or stamp the name of each product when it appears. As in traditional bingo, the first player to complete a line of five stamps is the winner.

To print the free bingo cards on, right click on the image of the card and select Save Image As. Save the image to your hard drive. After the image has downloaded, right click on its icon, and select Print. The print menu allows users to select the arrangement and margins of the cards and to ensure the cards are printed in color.

Users can also search to find a wide variety of premade bingo cards. Many stationery stores carry similar products.