How Can You Get an Appraisal on a Used Clarinet?


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Get an appraisal for a used clarinet by visiting a local music store or by contacting private appraisal services who specialize in musical instruments. Websites such as Craig's List and eBay are useful tools in researching current prices for used clarinets.

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Appraisals generally fall within one of two basic categories: fair market value and insurance replacement value. Clarinets generally do not appreciate in value. It is important to determine whether the clarinet is a professional, semi-professional or student model. Another consideration is whether the clarinet is a contemporary or vintage model. Used clarinets tend to have more value if they have been reconditioned.

When reaching out to an online appraisal service or posting the clarinet for sale online, be sure to take quality photographs. State whether the clarinet has been in storage, and describe the condition of the instrument pads and keys. Read reviews, ask for recommendations from online appraisal services, and understand any fees involved before committing to an appraisal.

As a rule, most music stores do not purchase used musical instruments. A visit to the local music shop does, however, provide you with a rough estimate or information regarding other appraisal resources. For a better understanding of a clarinet's value, obtain appraisals from more than one source, and compare the information.

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