How Can You Adopt Bella Sara Magical Horses?


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Adopt Bella Sara magical horses by creating an account on the official Bella Sara website and choosing a horse from those available. Users may select one of the free horses for new players or enter a code found on Bella Sara merchandise to unlock additional options.

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The magical horses of "Bella Sara" are fictional creatures that exist on the online website and in the imaginations of players. Visitors to the website can interact with their chosen or unlocked horses, grooming them and playing a variety of games designed to help children expand their imaginations and empower them with positive messages. The horses never run away or die, ensuring that players can return at any time to continue interacting with their magical horse companions.

Upon adopting a horse, players can participate in minigames including stable cleaning, adding fresh water to the drinking trough, grooming the horse and feeding it a selection of treats. An easy-to-use mouse-over interface provides additional information on each of these options and minigames. Players with a Bella Sara account can adopt a wide selection of horses, and there is no limit to the number of horses a player may own at one time. Owners of the "Bella Sara" Nintendo DS game can also "ride" their adopted horses, using the portable console.

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