Can You Add a Flash Drive to a PlayStation 3 for More Storage Space?

All PlayStation 3 models support USB storage devices, while other models also support memory stick cards, SD cards, mini SD cards and compact flash (CF) cards, apart from USB storage devices. Even if a PlayStation 3 model does not have a built-in slot for memory cards, the memory cards can still be used with the console using a USB memory card reader.

The PlayStation 3 console system was designed with USB ports, which enables it to basically read and write on most types of USB storage devices. The USB storage device, however, must be formatted in FAT 32 for it to be recognized by the PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 3 must likewise always be updated to the latest system software version released by Sony to ensure that it recognizes the storage device.

In addition to USB storage devices, the PlayStation 3 models CECHA01 60 gigabyte and CECHE01 80 gigabyte also supports memory stick cards, SD cards, micro SD cards and compact flash cards.

When using the USB ports on PlayStation 3 consoles, only certified USB certified devices are allowed by Sony to be plugged into the ports. Using non-certified USB devices will void the warranty of the video game console. USB storage devices may be used to transfer, copy or save game data and other digital data files, such as music and video files.