Can You Access Earn to Die 2013 Online?


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"Earn to Die 2013," also known as "Earn to Die 2012: Part 2," is accessible online at EarnToDie2014.org, JustOnlineGames.com, EarnToDie123.com, NotDoppler.com and ArmorGames.com. "Earn to Die 2013" continues along the same storyline as "Earn to Die 2012."

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"Earn to Die 2013" finds players escorting survivors of a zombie apocalypse towards a military base. Players drive through battle zombie hordes in various vehicles in order to reach safe zones. Players earn money each round depending on how well they perform, which is used to upgrade vehicles. Some upgradeable features include fuel, engine and guns. Unlike "Earn to Die 2012," vehicles in "Earn to Die 2013" are designated to certain levels rather than unlocked with money.

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