Where Can You Find AARP Free Online Games?

The AARP offers a number of free online games that can be found at games.aarp.org. These interactive online games range from word games to card games to brain teasers.

Some of the most popular games on the AARP website are card games like Mahjongg Toy Chest and Pyramid Solitaire. Card lovers can play games by themselves or compete against other users for the high score. There are also a number of strategy games offered. These games, like Beach Sudoku and Backgammon, challenge the player's mind and skill for strategy.

People who favor word games will find a number of satisfying word searches and crosswords on the AARP website. Games like Crossword Expert and Type Writer help with vocabulary, spelling and dexterity. The website also offers a number of sports-related activities. Sports lovers can play games like Pool and Sports Fishing.

The AARP can also help people exercise their minds. Brain games include Countdown, which asks players to choose the right combination of numbers and functions and The Right Word, which asks users to match words with their definitions. People who love detective fiction might want to try Private Eye, which asks players to identify the letter or symbol that does not belong.