How Can I Be a 1950s Housewife?


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To some people, 1950s housewives are the epitome of femininity and domestic bliss. By adjusting your routine at home and making an effort to be more supportive and prepared, you can become just as much a domestic goddess as the women from this bygone era.

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  1. Keep an orderly house

    Housewives in the 1950s did indeed spend most of their time at home, but they put this time to good use by keeping their houses clean and organized. Tidy your house daily, and set aside weekly or bi-weekly days for major chores, such as laundry or vacuuming. Make sure the house is tidy when your spouse comes home from work.

  2. Be a supportive and eager listener

    A good 1950s housewife is genuinely curious about what her spouse's day was like. Prioritize what you want to speak about, and listen carefully to what your spouse says. Offer encouragement and pay him your full attention when speaking to him. Avoid texting or being on the computer during conversations.

  3. Take pride in your appearance

    Housewives from this bygone era put time and effort into their personal appearance. Dress in a way that is attractive and elegant. Freshen up your makeup before your spouse comes home to show him that he is your top priority.

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