What Is a Call of Duty Aimbot?


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An aimbot is a type of automated cheat or assist used in computer or console video games, including "Call of Duty." This type of cheat gives the player targeting assistance, making it easier to target enemies or other players. Aimbots are typically used in first-person shooter games.

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An aimbot may be included with the game, such as with an auto-aim mode or target assist. These features may be used by inexperienced players or players who need some extra help. These features can typically be turned on and off in the options menu.

The aimbot that people are usually referring to in "Call of Duty" is a method of cheating in multiplayer first-person shooters. This cheat will make the game automatically lock onto the enemies, so a player will have a serious advantage. Players using an aimbot in "Call of Duty" may be banned from the game.

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