What Are Some "Caillou" Computer Games?

What Are Some "Caillou" Computer Games?

"Train Conductor," "Spell with Caillou," "Find Gilbert," "Follow the Stars" and "Dress Caillou" are computer games that kids can play online at PBSKids.org. All the games help teach preschool children important developmental lessons using the Public Broadcasting Service's popular cartoon character.

Kids have to use shapes, sizes and colors to determine which piece of missing train track completes the route for Caillou to drive the train safely into town in the "Train Conductor" game. In the spelling game, preschoolers help Caillou use his alphabet building blocks to spell the correct words and match the sample.

"Find Gilbert" builds players' visual identification skills by having them find one of Caillou's pets or toys hidden in scenes with Caillou. Players have to find his cat Gilbert, his stuffed bear Teddy and his toy dinosaur Rexy.

"Follow the Stars" is a memory-building game in which players go outside under the night sky and have to repeat an increasingly difficult sequence of twinkling stars. The dressing game helps young children learn to choose the right clothes and dress themselves by helping Caillou.

Several other learning games are also available, including puzzle, matching and memory games. There is even an introduction to music with the "Magic Keyboard." Kids need a computer with speakers to play it.