What Is a Caftan Pattern Used For?


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A caftan pattern is used for creating a long, flowing garment called a caftan or kaftan, without having to buy the garment from a retail clothing store. Caftans patterns are typically for sewing cloth, opposed to using heavy yarn, because light-weight caftans are designed to be worn in hot weather.

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As caftans are a traditional garment, numerous patterns exist, varying slightly by culture and ethnicity. In general, a caftan covers the body from the neckline to the ankles. Most caftans have long sleeves and a separate sash tied at the waist. The fit is loose, making sewing somewhat easier because precise measurements are not required.

Caftans are a traditional garment associated with areas under Islamic influence, such as Morocco, former parts of the Turkish, Ottomon Empire and West Africa. However, caftans are also traditionally worn by Sephardic Jews and Russian Orthodox Christians.

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