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Europeans purchase the majority of Kinder Surprise Eggs sold. Until 2013, the product was banned for sale in the United States due to a law prohibiting the placement of inedible objects inside of food.

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The law used to prohibit the sale of Kinder Surprise Eggs in the U.S. was designed to limit choking hazards for children. In 2013, Kinder Surprise Eggs re-entered the U.S. market. Candy Treasure, a company producing an American-friendly version of the candy, bypassed the 1938 law by sealing both of the egg's chocolate halves in plastic, creating a visibly prominent ridge that serves as a warning for children that there is a inedible toy inside. In both Europe and America, every Kinder Surprise Egg is sold with a warning label printed on its box to inform parents of the dangers the product may pose to children younger than three.

Around the world, Kinder Surprise Eggs are increasingly bought and traded by toy and novelty collectors. Dejan Lovren, a prfoessional soccer player from the U.K., is perhaps the most famous collector of Kinder Surprise Egg toys. His love of the product was revealed when he posted a snapshot of his collection on Instagram, a popular social networking site. According to the posted photo, Lovren has at least 70 Kinder Surprise Egg toys in his collection.

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