How Do You Find Buyers for 78 Rpm Records?


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Dealer websites such as Amoeba.com, EastRiverStringBand.com and Old78s.com buy collections of 78 rpm records from sellers. These dealers typically offer free appraisals of collections when sellers send a list of 78s with photos of the record labels. Sellers with individual records for sale can find buyers by listing his 78s on eBay.

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Old 78 rpm records are not rare and those in the more common genres, such as big band, classical and opera, typically sell for a few dollars each. Records that are worth more include early jazz, blues and country records, especially by artists who went on to greater acclaim, such as Bix Beiderbecke, Bessie Smith, Muddy Waters or Charlie Parker. Specialized collectors may also be interested in more unusual specialties such as soundtrack, vaudeville, advertising and spoken word, or ethnic records such as Hawaiian, Cajun, Greek, Turkish or Irish. Certain record labels published before the mid-1920s are also more valuable, such as Victor, Berliner, Columbia with green or black labels, and yellow Bluebird labels.

Experienced buyers glean a great deal of information from viewing the record label. Sellers should take a photo of each label so that buyers can make an accurate assessment of value. Buyers do not typically need to see a photo of the whole record, but want to be informed of any condition issues and if the record is playable.

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