How Do You Buy Wholesale Ceramic Molds?


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Wholesale ceramic molds are available through manufacturers and distributors such as Starlite Molds, American Ceramics and Indiana Ceramic Supply. They can also be purchased through the websites CeramicShop.com and DickBlick.com. Ceramic molds are usually made of plaster and come in two basic types: those for liquid clay known as slip, and those for pressing slabs of clay. The pottery is then fired and glazed.

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Starlite Molds is a licensed distributor and manufacturer specializing in molds for figurines, dolls and decorative collectibles. American Ceramics is a distributor for a large range of ceramic mold companies, including Alberta, Clay Magic, Duncan, Doc Holliday and Mayco. It offers a special order mold finding service through its website and provides a price quote based on the ceramic mold number, description and shipping address. As of 2015, the Indiana Ceramic Supply has over 21,000 different ceramic molds in its product database at Debmark.com.

The Mayco company designs an extensive line of ceramic molds and other pottery products. Among its offerings are press molds to add textures and patterns to clay surfaces, spring molds to create decorative shapes, and casting molds for figurines. CermaicShop.com also offers a wide selection of ceramic molds for everything from busts to candle holders, figurines and table ware. DickBlick.com sells basic ceramic supplies such as drape molds, texture molds and decorative press molds.

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