How Do You Buy a Vintage Barbie Motorhome?


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Buy a vintage Barbie motorhome, camper or RV on eBay.com or Etsy.com. eBay.com lists dozens of these items, which you can buy at a set price or bid on. Most Barbie RVs, campers and motorhomes items described as "vintage" on these websites were produced in the 1970s.

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At eBay.com, search for "Barbie motorhome," using the search box near the top main page, to list items for sale or being auctioned. For additional listings, click terms listed beneath the search box, such as "Barbie RV" and "Barbie camper." Refine the search with options on the left side of the page, such as the price and condition. Click a listing for item details, such as a description and additional photos, or to buy or bid on an item. This website also lists many parts for vintage Barbie motorhomes, such as side mirrors, doors and furnishings.

At Etsy.com, search for "Barbie camper" or "Barbie RV" using the search box near the top of the main page. This website lists multiple items that range in price from about $10 to about $125, as of 2016. This website also lists some parts and accessories for vintage Barbie motorhomes, such as beds and bedding, table and chair sets, sleeping bags and pull-behinds.

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