How do you burn a seven-day candle?


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Burning a seven-day candle is a hoodoo ritual. Begin by inserting seven needles into an offertory candle. Make a wish list to place under the candle, and burn the candle for seven days. Pinch the wax every time a needle falls. Dispose of the remnants in the proper manner to achieve your wishes.

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  1. Insert seven needles

    Insert seven needles into a large offertory candle to divide it into seven sections.

  2. Make your wish list

    Write your seven wishes on a piece of paper.

  3. Write your name

    Turn the paper 90 degrees, and write your name seven times across the seven wishes you listed in the last step.

  4. Place the paper

    Position the paper beneath the candle.

  5. Burn the candle

    Apply an oil to the candle, and burn it for seven nights. Pinch the candle wax each time a needle falls. Save each needle. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

  6. Stick the needles into the paper

    After seven days, stick the needles into the paper, forming two "X" shapes around a double cross symbol.

  7. Dispose of the remnants of the ritual

    Dispose of the ritual remnants properly. If you wish to bring someone or something close to you, bury the remnants under your doorstep. If you wish to get rid of someone or something, throw the remnants out at a crossroads, in a graveyard or in running water.

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