What Is the "Bulldozer" Game?


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“Bulldozer” is an online game that runs on the Unity Web Player. Players take control of a bull and try to run over as many people as possible within a time limit. They use the arrow keys on a computer keyboard to direct the bull and the space bar to charge.

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When starting the game, players choose from Street Run, Regular and Arena Mode. They control the bull in first-person view during Street Run, in third-person view in Regular mode and from a top-down view in Arena Mode.

Picking up bull symbols in each mode adds 10 seconds to the time limit. In Arena Mode, the bull symbol always appears in the middle of the arena. In the Street Run and Regular modes, the symbols occasionally appear in the middle of the street.

Hitting people gives the players points. People in red shirts are worth twice as many points as those in white shirts. Hitting people in red shirts also activates a slowdown so that players can see their bodies fly into the air. At the end of the stage, players receive scores based on the number of points that they earned. The stage ends when they run out of time. In the Street Run and Regular modes, players can also end the level by reaching the end of the race.

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