How Do You Build a Craft Show Booth Display?

To build a craft show booth display, plan out the space, set up tables, stands and shelves, set up props and decorations and arrange items. Crafters can also promote their business in their booths by including lots of branding and displaying business cards.

To set up an eye-catching craft show booth display and draw in customers, use the following steps.

  1. Plan the booth
  2. Before setting up the space, create a plan for how to use the available space. Booths can often accommodate tables, shelves, clothing racks and stands. If possible, make use of height and create layers in the displays; this helps draw in the eye. It is also important to plan the visual aspects of the booth. Color and lighting are important elements as they help create attractive displays. It can also help to create a theme for the display. If possible, make use of all available space, including the walls, floor and ceiling.

  3. Set up the basics
  4. Before decorating the booth, set up basics, such as tables, chairs, shelves and stands. Set up any decorations or materials around the floor or walls. Cover the tables with cloths or table skirts. Set up any lighting. Make sure customers can move around the booth freely. Although making use of all available space is important, the booth should not be so crowded that customers cannot look at items comfortably.

  5. Set up decorations
  6. Add decorations and props that correspond with the decor theme or the products. These help draw attention to displays.

  7. Arrange items
  8. Arrange items on the prepared display. Keep the most important pieces at eye level as customers usually see these first.

  9. Include branding and signage
  10. Hang banners and signs that include the business name. Set up business cards or flyers, as these can result in sales later on. Be sure to clearly label prices.