How Do You Build a Treehouse?


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To build a treehouse, select a flat area with plenty of sturdy trees, build the treehouse deck, frame the walls and make the roof. Add finishing touches such as window frames, a truss and a ladder.

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  1. Choose the location, and build the deck

    Build the treehouse on a flat area, in a cluster of strong trees to ensure the foundation is sturdy and well supported. Once you've chosen the appropriate location, the DIY Network suggests building the deck by attaching 2X8 boards around the perimeter of the trees. Connect the wood using lag bolts at each joint. To complete the deck, attach the girders and floor joists and secure pressure-treated plywood on top.

  2. Frame the walls

    Frame the walls, and position them on the treehouse deck. Secure the walls together, and attach them to the deck using pressure-treated nails. Affix pressure-treated material on top of the wall frames.

  3. Make the roof

    Frame the triangular portion of the roof, then connect a ridge beam that expands the full length of the roof to each triangular frame. Secure rafters to the ridge beam, beginning in the middle and working outward. Apply a pressure-treated material to the finished roof.

  4. Add the finishing touches

    Now that the structure of the treehouse is complete, add a truss to support the roof, install railing around the house, and build a ladder. Add frames to the windows, and paint the treehouse if desired.

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