How Do You Build a Toy Box?

How Do You Build a Toy Box?

To build a toy box, cut and glue together five pieces of plywood for the bottom, and attach a sixth piece of plywood with hinges for the lid. To prevent the lid from slamming shut and pinching your fingers, use spring lid supports.

  1. Cut and sand the plywood

    Cut the six pieces of plywood to the required sizes. The sides are 18-by-18 inches. The front and back are 36-by-18. The bottom is 36-by-17. For the top, cut a piece of plywood to 36-by-20. Sand each piece of plywood.

  2. Build the bottom of the toy box

    Put the bottom piece of wood on the floor or a workbench, and arrange the front, back and side pieces around the bottom one. At the lower edge of each piece except the bottom one, add a thin line of wood glue, then stand the pieces up against the bottom one. Glue the seams together, and secure with bar clamps until dry. To reinforce the joints, add finishing nails every few inches.

  3. Add the lid

    Screw the hinges onto the lid and inside the back of the toy box. For safety reasons, attach one or two spring lid closures to the lid and the toy box.

  4. Decorate the toy box

    Stain or paint the toy box as desired.