How Do I Build a Toothpick Bridge?


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Wood glue and toothpicks are the two materials required to build a toothpick bridge. Wax paper, pins, a pencil and a piece of foam core are also helpful materials, but are not necessary. First, create uniform building blocks, connect the blocks, construct the framework and then assemble the pieces.

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  1. Create uniform toothpick blocks

    Simply glue two toothpicks together, the fat end of one attached to the pointed end of the other. This creates a stronger, more uniform building block to construct the bridge with. Do this with all of the toothpicks. Next, begin to connect these building blocks, end to end, to form a larger skeleton.

  2. Construct the framework

    This is where the other materials come in handy. Building the framework of the bridge allows it to maintain its shape, as well as maintain itself while standing and possibly bear a certain amount of force. Begin to shape the building blocks into parallel arches of the desired design - these will become the sides of the bridge.

  3. Connect the arches

    Finally, the next step is to connect the two pieces of the bridge. Begin by connecting from one "foot" of the bridge and working toward the other. Depending on the design, the way in which the sides connect will be different.

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