How Do You Build a Teepee?

How Do You Build a Teepee?

How Do You Build a Teepee?

To make a teepee, use nine poles and twine to make a frame, and wrap canvas or fabric around the frame. You also need a marker, tape, scissors or a knife, and sticks. Longer poles can be used to make a large teepee, or smaller poles can be used to make a child-sized teepee. Constructing the shelter requires several hours.

  1. Assemble the frame

    To make the frame of the teepee, gather nine poles that are at least 9 feet in length. Place three of the poles in a triangle pattern, and tie the poles together at the top. After forming a base with the first three poles, place two poles between each of the base poles. Secure the top of the frame with twine.

  2. Attach fabric to the exterior of the teepee

    When using 9-foot poles, use a piece of fabric that is 12 feet wide and 15 feet long. Cut a string that is 7 feet 6 inches long, and tape the string to the top center of the fabric. Cut the bottom of the fabric in a half-circle pattern by tying a marker to the end of the string and marking the bottom edge of the fabric where the string reaches. Wrap the fabric around the teepee with the straight edge at the top, and cut slits in the top front of the fabric where it overlaps. Insert a stick into the slits to secure the fabric.

  3. Secure the opening

    Stitch the flaps open with a button stitch, or secure the opening with metal grommets.