How Do You Build a Tanking Warrior in World of Warcraft?

To build a tanking warrior in World of Warcraft, you must build a warrior for protection specialization. There are three key areas to focus on when building your warrior: talents and glyphs, statistics priority, and gems.

  1. Choose your talents and glyphs

    There are six talents available to your warrior. The standard choices for tanking are: Double Time, Enraged Regeneration, Disrupting Shout, Dragon Roar, Vigilance, and Bloodbath. The primary glyphs to purchase are Unending Rage, Bull Rush, Death From Above, Enraged Speed, Heavy Repercussions, Hold the Line, Incite, and Gag Order.

  2. Understand the statistics

    Warrior tanking statistics are about having high health while being able to remain a threat to your enemies. Stamina directly controls how much health you have and, as such, is the most important of your statistics. Your expertise and hit control how hard it is for opponents to doge, block, or parry your attacks. In order to ensure all attacks hit, you need to have 15 percent expertise and 7.5 percent hit rating.

  3. Select the correct gems

    Gems are essentially extensions of your statistics. Each gem gives a different statistic bonus, and is required to maximize your potential. The slots available to you are meta, prismatic, blue, red, and yellow. The best gems for each slot are: austere primal diamond for meta, defender's imperial amethyst for prismatic and blue, and the stalwart vermilion onyx gem for red and yellow.