How Do You Build a Snowman?

How Do You Build a Snowman?

To build a snowman, build the base, form the body and head and add accessories. The snow must be fairly moist, but not too wet, to stick together properly.

  1. Use packable snow

    If the snow is too dry, it won't stick together. Squeeze the snow together to form a ball. If it falls apart, you may need to add moisture or wait for it to melt a little bit.

  2. Build a base

    Make a snowball in your hands. Continue to add snow to it until it's too large to hold. Put the ball on the ground and roll it, gathering snow to make it large. Be sure to plan where the ball is rolled, so that the finished base ends up where you want the snowman to stand.

  3. Make the body and head

    Using the same process, make a slightly smaller ball for the body, and an even smaller body for the head. Stack the body on the base, and the head on the body. Pack snow between the balls to stabilize them and prevent falling.

  4. Accessorize the snowman

    Traditional snowmen use charcoal for the eyes and mouth, a carrot for a nose and sticks for arms. You can also dress up the snowman with a hat, scarf, corncob pipe and anything else you choose.