How Do You Build a Simple Model of the Alamo?

Build a simple model of the Alamo using sugar cubes, hot glue, spray paint, cardboard and plastic straws. Small wooden rods or wooden coffee stirrers are used for rounded portions of the structure such as the entryway pillars and also for the thinner interior walls.

Begin the model by deciding on the scale for the finished project. Using a top-down blueprint or map of the Alamo, create an outline of the exterior walls of the structure on a piece of cardboard sturdy enough to support the model. Leave enough room on each side of the cardboard base for handling and moving the model. Build the exterior walls using sugar cubes secured to the cardboard and each other with hot glue.

Use wooden coffee stirrers or thick straws to create the wooden structure of pillars and beams found at the entrance of the Alamo. Cut them to length using scissors, and glue them together until secure. Interior walls are constructed by cutting the straws or wooden stirrers to the appropriate length and standing them on their ends secured to the base with hot glue. Keep the straws as close together as possible for stability and to prevent any unwanted holes or gaps. Finish the construction by adding a roof cut from cardboard, and add detail by spray painting the model and adding figurines or cut-outs of items and people from the era.