How Do You Build a Simple Catapult?

How Do You Build a Simple Catapult?

While many methods exist for building different sizes of catapults, build a simple catapult by attaching craft sticks together with rubber bands, and then gluing a bottle cap to one of the original sticks. This catapult is suitable for launching marshmallows or pom-poms.

  1. Paint the craft sticks

    Use a small paintbrush or sponge to paint both sides of 10 large craft sticks. Use non-toxic craft paint that dries quickly. Allow the paint to dry completely before proceeding.

  2. Secure two craft sticks together

    Stack two craft sticks on top of one another, and connect them at one end by wrapping a rubber band around the end. Keep wrapping the rubber band as many times as you can.

  3. Attach the remaining sticks together

    Stack the remaining craft sticks. Secure the stack at either end with a rubber band wrapped around it until it's tight.

  4. Attach the two pieces together

    Pry apart the end of the two-stick stack. Center the eight-stick stack between the two sticks so they are perpendicular to each other. Slide the eight-stick stack down to the end.

  5. Secure the stacks together

    Attach the stacks together with a rubber band at the intersection point. Use a crisscross for the rubber bands to ensure stability.

  6. Attach the bottle cap

    Attach the bottle cap to the outer end of one of the sticks of the two-stick stack with hot glue.