How Do You Build a Scavenger Hunt?


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To build a scavenger hunt, a theme must first be picked, such as a birthday or Easter, and items will need to be hidden in an area so that others can find them as part of a hunt. Scavenger hunts can be fun activities to perform in the classroom, or they can be used as a team-building exercise on the corporate level.

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There are many themes that can be chosen for a scavenger hunt. In addition to holidays, the theme could revolve around nature, nutrition, math or science. In most scavenger hunts, items will be hidden either outside or in a designated area. The items typically coincide with the theme. For example, an Easter-themed scavenger hunt would likely have plastic or real eggs as well as candy.

Participants or players will receive a sheet of clues or directions to help them discover where the hidden items are located. For team-building, players must work in teams of two or three in order to be the first to find all of the items listed. Team-building hunts for corporate events like these are hosted in many cities such as Atlanta, Ga.

Occasionally, a scavenger hunt can be observational. This means that the participant will write down or say what they were instructed to see, and the first player that has completed all of the tasks wins the event. A good example of this is a road trip scavenger hunt, where passengers in the car try to locate different letters on signs that are on the highway. The first person that gets to the letter Z wins the game.

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