How Do You Build a Scarecrow?


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To make a scarecrow, use wooden poles for the crosspiece, and stuff hay, straw or fallen leaves into a pillowcase to make the head. Insert an old turtleneck shirt into the pole, slide the sleeves to the sides of the cross, put on a pair of pants, and add suspenders.

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After making the scarecrow's head, use pins to secure the contents of the head, leaving the bottom open. Once you insert the head and shirt into the poles, attach the shirt to the head's bottom using safety pins. Mark the location of the arms on the pole, and use twine to bind the wooden cross at the marked area.

Dress the cross with the turtleneck shirt and one leg of the pants, tie the leg with twine, and put straw into the leg. Let the other leg hang in the air, with the bottom stuffed with straw and tied using twine. Create suspenders by running twine through a belt loop and below the turtleneck, running it down through the loop, and tying the twine. Do the same process for the other side of the pants.

Tie the wrists, insert straw into the shirt, and use safety pins to fasten the shirt. Tie the head to the pole, create some hair by pinning burlap atop the head, and pin a hat atop the hair. Use a black magic marker to sketch the scarecrow's facial features.

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