How Do You Build a Sandcastle?


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To make a sandcastle, create a sturdy base from mounded sand, and use buckets of damp sand to create towers and other structures. Use household tools to carve straight and round details.

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  1. Gather the materials

    Choose a small and a large bucket for transporting and shaping sand. Gather a shovel and simple household items for carving, such as a paint stirrer, an offset spatula and measuring spoons. Grab a couple of straws for blowing off stray granules.

  2. Create the base

    Use the shovel to draw lines in the sand to define the base of the sandcastle. Dig sand from outside of the lines, and scoop the sand into the outlined area. Create a valley in the middle of the sand pile, and use the shovel to firm up the sides around the valley.

  3. Add water

    Pour several buckets of water into the valley, and jump or walk on the area to press the water into the base. Continue adding sand and water to the valley and pressing it until the valley is full and the entire base is one height.

  4. Build towers

    Pack damp sand into the buckets, turn them over on top of the base, and lift off to create towers. Add several towers in different sizes all over the base. Using damp sand adds structural integrity.

  5. Carve details

    Use the tools to carve turrets, doors and windows. Scrape the offset spatula down the tower sides to create square or rectangular shapes.

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