How Do You Build a Real Jetpack?


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To build a real jetpack, use 45 and 90 degree PVC joints for the exhaust, attach a fire extinguisher, two hide-a-key boxes and two cardboard tubes to a backpack's frame, affix a tabletop paper tray over the boxes, attach a wall-mounted paper tray to it, and finally affix an air filter. Use file dividers for the wings, and attach a string between the extinguisher's and pack's trigger.

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Use pictures of jetpacks as guidelines for designing one. To make the jetpack's exhaust system, create a hole in a 90 degree PVC joint's bend with a Dremel rotary tool. Tightly fit a 45 degree PVC joint in the hole, and secure it using epoxy.

Detach the rigid frame from the backpack, and position the fire extinguisher at the frame's center such that its exhaust system faces the designed direction.

Position two hide-a-key boxes on both sides of the extinguisher so that the former's bottom is aligned with the latter's top. Ensure that the boxes' tops face upward. Attach the boxes to the frame by driving screws into holes pre-drilled on their inner sides.

Next, affix the tabletop paper tray on the boxes using screws. Position the wall-mounted paper tray on the tabletop tray such that its mouth faces the exhaust, and screw it. Position the air filter flush with the wall-mounted tray's mouth, and attach similarly.

Position file dividers as desired on frame's sides, and secure using epoxy. Apply primer over the jetpack, paint metal-like areas and the air filter chrome as desired, and paint the jetpack's remaining parts black.

Affix two cardboard tubes to the frame so that their ends almost touch the exhausts. Secure the extinguisher to the frame using tape. Ensure that the string running between the triggers of the extinguisher and the jetpack is taut.

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