How Do You Build a Piñata?


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To build a simple piñata, make a papier mache design with a balloon, allow the wet paper to dry, add decorations and cut the trap door. Add tissue paper streamers to the ends of the cones, if desired.

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To make a paste for the papier mache, mix 4 1/2 cups water with 1 cup wheat-paste powder. Dip newspaper strips into the mixture one at a time, placing them onto an inflated balloon. Continue until you cover the entire balloon, allowing it to dry overnight. Repeat the process with two more layers of papier mache. Use spray mount to add different colors of tissue paper to sheets of strong white paper, and roll these into cones. If adding streamers, leave a small hole at the tip. Glue these cones to the papier mache body of the piñata.

For the fringes, cut tissue paper into strips that are 3 inches long and 1/2 inch wide, folding each strip lengthwise and cutting a slit down the center to create four fringes when unfolded. Beginning at the bottom of the piñata, glue the strips with fringes outward to surround the entire body, and continue until you reach the top. Cut a trap door near the top of the piñata to add the candy or prizes, and create two small openings at the top to tie the hanging cord. Twist 10 streamers together, and glue them into each cone.

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